Changeling With A Vengeance


Ninamori is the current wielder of the Axe of Atomsk and a changeling, the daughter of the Phoenix King and a human mother. She has a massive chip on her shoulder due to her father abandoning her and her mother. To help her get revenge on her father, she had Chester McGuinness arrange a deal with a powerful Winter Court Faerie, the Duke of Mirrors, who had stolen the Axe of Atomsk from her father. In exchange for the Axe, she had to agree to use it to kill off the Duke’s rivals one by one. However the PCs defeated the Duke in combat and forced him to release her from her debt. Now she is free to pursue her revenge unfettered by obligations to anyone. The heavens only know what she will do now…

High Concept: Changeling With A Vengeance



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