Chester McGuinness

Bipolar Wizard


Chester is a full-fledged Wizard of the White Council, and an ex-warden. He first encountered the PCs in their first adventure, “Ninamori and the Bastards,” incinerating Miles’ door and threatening the PCs before revealing, reluctantly, that he had brokered the deal that got Ninamor the Axe of Atomsk in the first place (and now feels responsible for keeping her safe). He helped open a gate to Faerie to help the PCs release Ninamori from her debt to the Duke of Mirrors.

In his nonmagical life he is an artist of some acclaim, living in a mansion on the North Side with only his maid and butler for company – and only then because they know well enough to leave him alone when he gets into one of his moods.

High Concept: Bipolar Wizard
Trouble: Taking “Too Far” to Exciting New Levels
I Do My Best Work When I’m Off My Meds


Chester McGuinness

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